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Welcome to Arlington Writes, the life story writing project that got its launch from a 2014 grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Arlington Cultural Council. Once only open to people with a connection to Arlington, the project now welcomes stories from all over the country and aboard.  People of all ages and shoe sizes have stories to tell that we can learn from.  Please consider adding your story to the collection.

You needn’t be a “writer” to contribute. Follow the prompts to see if they lead you to a story you need to write.  Read existing stories and leave your comments.  Tell your friends and family to send their stories in too.   This site is open to all–this means you, kids, teens and adults of all stripes! Write your story for all to read!

The world in a chair in a word in a phrase in a life

An Unedited Unrevised Once

Once in the realm of all possibility, I picked up a pen and wrote my story thinking it might be something useful for others and wanting to solve and heal and puzzle out parts of my own life that were still causing me confusion and pain. Once I picked up the pen and words flooded out of it on to the lines of the paper. Once I plucked the keys of a typewriter like percussion and once the words congregated on the ... [more]


Once Can Last a Long Time

Once I heard she was going to die, I did all I could to stop those forces represented by the surgeon in green with two neat drops of blood on his green OR scrubs at Mayo's, at the end of a long road w... [more]

The house was built around a stone chimney.

Cabin in the Woods

Once there was a cabin in the woods where the little girls and their parents would go for a Saturday picnic. The cabin had been purchased a generation earlier by the little girls’ grandfather, and i... [more]