Write One Page!

Welcome to Arlington Writes, the town-wide, life story project supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Arlington Cultural Council. You and Arlingtonians of all ages (this means you, kids, teens and adults of all stripes!) are invited to write one page from your life experience introduced by the word “Once.”

Your page along with those of others will appear online for the town to read this Fall, 2014! Best of all, you need no writing experience to join in—just a willingness to take a creative risk!

See you on Town Day!


Come to our ARLINGTON WRITES! Booth at Arlington Town Day on Saturday, September 13. The booth will be open 10:00 a.m. - 3 p.m. Get ideas! Talk about your writing!

How to Begin

Who were you then? What will he see in his lifetime? Why does America love grass? How does grass feel being rolled on? Do blondes have more fun?

Wondering how to get started? Tell a story from your past. Make up a past and write about it. Write from an earlier, older or future self... [ more ]